Questionable engineering, simple fixes, solve major problems

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Simple electrical interlocks have long been valuable safety devices in many situations, from turning off washing and dryer machine augers and drums when the lid is opened (first used in the 1950’s), to forcing you to properly place your foot on the brake before you can move an automobile shift lever out of PARK (2005 and later cars).  Unfortunately, manufacturers’ lack of incorporating these simple electrical circuits in many consumer products has resulted in numerous injuries.  For example:
1) Pressure cookers that will heat with the lid only partially closed
2) Many automobiles will turn off the airbags if the key is rotated to accessary, even if the car is moving at high speed.
3) E-cigs lithium Ion batteries will explode if allowed to operate above 85 C.
4) Many personal blenders will heat water to boiling and explode without shutting off.
The von Sternberg Law Firm has investigated the simple placement of electrical interlocks with the help of electrical and mechanical engineers and found they are — a cheap and necessary fix — for many of today’s poorly designed consumer products.  If you have any questions as to whether they would have an application to your particular factual scenario, please contact us at