Welcome to the Star Mountain “Legal” blog.

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The Von Sternberg Law firm and Jerry Von Sternberg are Open for Business!

I put legal in quotes because, although we will discuss legal issues, and provide links to legal articles, we will digress into other matters that affect our perception of the legal environment. You may see legal discourse as to current cases and trends. You may see engineering perspectives as to issues that are trending but may affect legal issues. You may simply see silliness that arise out of the legal environment or historical events that provide insight and humor into our profession.
You also may see some frank “tomfoolery” as that is who we are.

As a background, we dedicate this blog to my dad and eternal soul, Jerry von Sternberg, who by his own humble admission, was the greatest Court Reporter in Texas history. He once was the reporter to Elanor Roosevelt in the White House, and allegedly the first reporter in Texas with a stenograph machine. He provided the inspiration and fodder for Judge Buchmeyer’s famous Texas Lawyer columns for decades, and instilled the love for the law into his boys. He had a tremendous sense of humor and entertained and befriended lawyers including Jamail, Kolius, Haines, and Ramsey (you guys can google these guys to find out why you care).